Airinspace Variable Power Supply Module71520

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The Airinspace variable power supply module 70820 and 71520 high voltage modules originated from the many years that we have been designing and manufacturing a comprehensive variety of power supplies to meet a multitude of ever demanding customer requirements. By working closely with our customers to determine their individual specific requirements and through extensive research and development we fabricated and developed the products they were after. A by-product of these designs are the 70820 and 71520 power supply modules. Despite the fact that these components derive from the development of high voltage power supplies designed specifically for individual customers, and whilst they are not available as 'off the shelf' products, we are able to use these designs and others to create a tailor-made solution to your high voltage requirements.

The 70820 and 71520 products are general purpose power supply modules. The contained power supplies are designed to produce a highly stable output, high efficiency and low ripple. The output voltage can be adjusted from 0 to 8kV / 0 to 15kV. They are capable of producing an output power of 20W.

If you wanted a more specifically engineered power source, then we also have the general purpose Cygnus Oil Pipeline X-Ray Power Supply.

General Specification

  70820 71520
Input voltage tolerance 22VDC to 26VDC 22VDC to 26VDC
Input current Maximum 1.2A Maximum 1.2A
Fuse 2.5A Anti-surge 2.5A Anti-surge
Efficiency >75% >75%
Output voltage 8kV Adjustable 15kV Adjustable
Stability <0.1% <0.1%
Ripple <1% <1%
Regulation <0.1% <0.1%
Maximum output power 20W 20W
Temperature coefficient <300ppm/°C <300ppm/°C

Mechanical Specification

The power supply is enclosed in folded aluminium enclosure.

Width 133mm
Length 200mm
Height 42mm

Other Advantages

Voltage monitor 0 to 10V for 0 to max. high voltage output


  1. Overload, arcing and short-circuit. When one of these faults occurs
  2. and output current rises to about 1.5mA, the unit enters constant current mode
  3. Protection against reverse-polarity from power source.
  4. Safety enable/inhibit input

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