XR250 X-Ray Power Supply125kV

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Focusing on the need for NDT (non destructive testing) this X-Ray power supply operates up to 125kV and displays perfectly the type of bespoke power supplies we are able to provide our customers. Over the years Genvolt have designed and manufactured a large variety of power supplies to meet a multitude of requirements. These power supplies were designed specifically for individual customers and whilst they are not available as 'off the shelf' products we are able to use these designs and others to create a tailor-made solution to your high voltage requirements.

The Genvolt XR250 illustrates Genvolt’s capability to produce innovative designs in response to challenging specifications. Genvolt has a stock of design techniques and approaches for solving unusual problems presented by customers. The model shown here is designed to operate from a 24VDC to 48VDC supply, in the harsh environment of a steel strip rolling mill where it is positioned between the rollers. Because this is a very hot environment, water-cooling is mandated. This flows through a labyrinth of holes around the electronics and the HV areas. The source is connected directly to an X-ray tube and it is the intensity of the X-rays passing through the steel which is used as the feedback parameter for controlling the pressure on the rollers and thus the thickness of the metal strip produced. This calls for a highly stable HV source, both in terms of the voltage applied to the cathode of the tube and also the anode current. The latter is regulated in a closed-loop manner by the HV supply to a high degree of stability and repeatability.

Basic Specification

Input voltage 24-48VDC
Output voltage 125kV negative polarity
Output current 0-2.5mA (derated from 100kV at 250W maximum)
Filament supply 6V/5ARMS @ 25kHz under closed-loop control
Control interface 0-10V for zero to maximum of controlled parameter.
Logic-compatible command inputs and outputs.
Fault monitoring and diagnostic outputs

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