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If you have an industrial radiography x-ray power supply requirement then the Cygnus series will be perfect for your needs. Designed specifically as an x-ray unit for oil pipelines the Cygnus series has combined compact electronics and efficient operation parameters on either dual 24V or 120VDC, DC input, nominal with automatic sensing, it can be made available in 19" format, if required, with ripple specification tailored to suit individual needs and is a perfect addition to the users' non-destructive testing requirements.

The Cygnus series power supply is intended as a general purpose ‘workhorse’ source of high voltage, has a specified output voltage up to a maximum of 160kV and an output power range of 0 to 800W.

Our NDT oil pipeline x-ray power supply originates from the many years that we have been designing and manufacturing a comprehensive variety of power supplies to meet a multitude of ever demanding customer requirements. By working closely with our customers to determine their individual specific requirements and through extensive research and development we fabricated and developed the products they were after. A by-product of these designs is the Cygnus series power supply.

Despite the fact that these components derive from the development of high voltage power supplies designed specifically for individual customers, and whilst they are not available as 'off the shelf' products, we are able to use these designs and others to create a tailor-made solution to your high voltage requirements.

If you wanted a more specifically engineered x-ray power source, for harsh environments then the XR250 X-Ray Power Supply will suit your prerequisites.

General Specification

Input range 22 to 32 VDC or 110 to 140VDC with automatic sensing.
Output voltage As specified up to a maximum of 160kV
Output power 0 to 800W.
Controls 0-5 volts control input. HV OK output. Unit enabled by active low signal.
Load regulation Typically 0.01% over 0 to 100% rated load.
Line regulation Typically 0.01% over 0 to 100% rated load.

Volts (KV) Current at Rated Voltage
1 800mA
5 160mA
10 80mA
20 40mA
50 16mA
80 10mA
100 8mA
160 5mA

The above table is intended as an indication of system capability; intermediate voltages and special requirements may always be discussed with our technical staff.

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