CRT Power Supply28kV and 30W

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The General High Voltage CRT Power Supply, CR25 series, is a bespoke cathode ray tube power supply unit with auxiliaries that provide a highly regulated output for many of the electrodes in a high-resolution shadow mask colour Cathode Ray Tube (CRT). The product is rated at 28kV and 30W. The DC input voltage is 38V (nominal) and the anode output voltage is adjustable between 20kV and 28kV. The output regulator circuits are designed to provide a power supply which has good static and dynamic regulation, combined with very low ripple, ensuring a display that remains stable and sharp over a wide range of brightness modulation. As well as the anode supply, rated at 30 Watts, the module generates adjustable focus G1 and G2 outputs. Current limiting circuits are fitted to protect the outputs against overloads and short circuits. All outputs are individually regulated. Ruggedised military type specification available.

Genvolt have designed and manufactured a large variety of power supplies to meet a multitude of requirements. These power supplies were designed specifically for individual customers and whilst they are not available as 'off the shelf' products we are able to use these designs and others to create a tailor-made solution to your high voltage requirements.

Basic Specification

Input voltage range 34-42V (other voltages may be available - contact factory)
Max. input voltage 45V (unit may be damaged by higher input voltages)
Full load input current 1.3A nominal

Anode Output

Output voltage range +20kV to +28kV
Output current 1mA to 1.5mA
Control of output Internal single turn potentiometer
Output ripple 4.0V peak to peak (at full load, with tube capacitance 2nf)
Line regulation 0.01%
Load regulation Static: 0.01% (no load to full load)
  Dynamic: 0.1%
Temperature coefficient 200 ppm per °C max. Better temperature coefficients may be specified


  1. Proof against output short circuits and flashovers
  2. Output current is limited to approx. 110% of full load current by trip
Focus and grid outputs Note: The voltages are proportional to the anode voltage setting.
Focus output (adjustable) 6kV to 7kV. Other voltages upon request.
Ripple 0.5V peak to peak max
Max. load ±10µA
G1 (grid) output Fixed output, -200V Max. ripple 0.5V peak to peak. Max. load 3mA

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