High Voltage Transformer 20kW DC10-50kV

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20kW High Voltage Transformer rectifier outputting from 10-50 kilovolts and with a Direct Current (DC) power rating of 20 kilowatt (kW).

Oil sealed transformer that is particularly useful in travelling wave tube (TWT) applications such as those used by microwave receivers.


Power rating 20kW
Frequency of operation 20kHz
Output voltage 33kVDC on full load
Average current 600mA max.
Input voltage 450V peak to peak
Primary current Quasi sine wave (zero voltage switching)
Leakage inductance <25uH
Pulse load current 20A max.
Primary average current 60A max.
Primary pulse current 160A max.
365W x 525D x 407H
Material Stainless steel
Weight 80kg max.
High temperature operation +55°C
High temperature storage
Low temperature operation -20°C
Low temperature storage -30°C
Relative humidity test 95% RH at 40°C Non-condensing

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