Europa 19 Inch Rack Mount Power Supply Up to 100kV

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The Europa 19 inch rack mount power supply

This is a classic Genvolt high voltage power supply design for laboratory applications. Their size makes them perfect for fitment into rack installations and equipment cabinets.

Remote control interface and monitoring functions are available via the IEEE-488 interface or from the front panel potentiometers.

With output voltages of 20kV, 35kV, 50kV and 100kV makes this rack mount power supply extremely versatile for use in a wide variety of applications and processes.

Up to 100kV output voltage is available and both positive and negative polarities can be provided.

Extremely accurate output parameters are achieved as can be seen from the specification. The rack mount power supply is also well protected against erratic line and load conditions. The reversible section is removable in the form of a drawer accessible from the front of the unit. Two sections – one positive and one negative are exchanged to engage the alternative polarity.

The typical 19 inch rack mount dc power distribution applications include testing and measurement, applied science and engineering, bio-technology, particle physics, electrostatic testing and high voltage testing.

For more power supplies with varying output voltages we recommend these from Genvolt or for a 1800W supply take a look at our Pegasus rack mount adjustable dc power supply unit.

Four different views of Europa high voltage power supply


100kV 1mA 100W
50kV 2mA 100W
35kV 2.85mA 100W
20kV 5mA 100W


Line regulation Not more than 50ppm of maximum rated output voltage for
± 10% input line change
Load regulation Not more than 100ppm of maximum rated output voltage
for 0 to maximum output current change.
Ripple Not more than 20V (peak to peak) - 100W Version

Temperature coefficient

(0 to 50°C) Not more than 50ppm of maximum output per °C
Stability after 1/2 hour warm up Not more than 0.01% per hour
Not more than 0.02% per 8 hours.

Front Panel Feature

Front panel meters Front panel meters are available for reading output voltage
and current with accuracy of ± 2% of full scale.
Front panel controls Front panel controls are available for output voltage and current control.
Protection The power supply is protected against overloads, short circuits and arcs.

Mechanical Features

Size 19 inch wide suitable for standard rack mounting, 6U high
Weight Main Unit: 35kg
Alternative Polarity Head: 12kg
High voltage connector and cable Pre-assembled mating high voltage connector with 3 metres
of high voltage shielded cable will be provided as standard.
Power input connector A 2m 3-wire mains lead plug will be provided as standard.
Cooling Forced air by means of a fan.
IEEE-488 interface Full talker/listener capability is available through the IEEE-488 interface.
The interface functions allow output voltage and current limit to be programmed via the IEEE-488 bus. In addition, voltage and current measurements can be taken on request.
Power requirements 230V AC ± 10%, less than 2A, 50Hz.

Environmental Requirements

Temperature Operating: 15°C to 35°C.
Storage: 0°C to 50°C.
Relative humidity Operating: 30% to 80%.
Storage: < 95%.

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