Orion Range Industrial X-ray generator 0-60kV 3kW|Genvolt Single phase 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz

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The Orion Range are Industrial 60kV, 3kW x-ray generators.

Power Supply

Input voltage Single phase 200-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Mains connection 6 way Harting connector HAN6E
Current rating 16A

Output Ratings

Output voltage 0 to 60kV
Polarity Negative
Output power max. 3 kW
Output connection O4, locked by mechanical nut only
Output current 0 to max. 75mA
Voltage ripple < 1% @ 60kV 50mA

Voltage Regulation

Load 0.1% of output voltage no load to full load.
Line 0.1% for ±10% change in input voltage.

Filament Control

Filament voltage 0 to 12Vrms
Filament current 0 to 5Arms

Bias Voltage

0 to 3000Vdc (negative with respect to filament)

Bias voltage accuracy < 1%
Bias voltage stability < 1%
Bias current 1mA max.

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