Rhea High Voltage Capacitor Power SupplyHigh Speed

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The Rhea range high voltage capacitor power supply is available as either a 20kW power supply or a more powerful 30kW power supply. Is uses a rugged IGBT based inverter running in resonant mode to achieve high efficiency and excellent ruggedness.

It is designed to run, either from a high DC voltage input (typically 550V), or from UK/EU 3 phase power supply.


Convenience if offered by way of either positive or negative polarity, water cooling and with dimensions suitable for a 19-inch subrack.


Voltage source 550VDC or 380VAC, 415VAC, 440VAC Three phase


Output voltage 500V, 1000V, 1500V, 2000V
Polarity Positive or negative
Output adjustable Adjustable from 0 to rated output voltage
Adjustable from 0 to rated output current
Stability Better than 0.1%
Line regulation Better than 0.1%
Load regulation Better than 0.1%
Output power 20kW, 30kW
Operating mode Constant voltage or constant current
Operating cycle Continuous
Charging PRF Up to 4000Hz
Cooling Water cooling
Efficiency >90%
Power factor >0.9
Dimension 19” Subrack, 9U height, 700mm depth
Weight 70kg
Operating temperature 0 to 40°C
Operating humidity <90% non-condensing

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