AF01 High Voltage Module|20W,30W,40W,50W Output Power|Genvolt Air Cleaning High Voltage Power Supply

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The AF01 range of power supplies are specifically designed for application in air and oil purification systems.

They are available with either single or dual outputs, and with a wide range of output voltages. The power supplies are protected from overload, short circuit and sparks. They are able to be used off load without any changes in output voltage.


Input Voltage 100 – 130Vac or 200 – 260Vac. Please specify
Input Frequency 50 – 400Hz

Output Voltage

AF01 7/3.5 Ionizer / collector 7kV / 3.5kV
AF01 8/4 Ionizer / collector 8kV / 4kV
AF01 9/4.5 Ionizer / collector 9kV / 4.5kV
AF01 10/5 Ionizer / collector 10kV / 5kV
AF01 11/5.5 Ionizer / collector 11kV / 5.5kV
AF01 12/6 Ionizer / collector 12kV / 6kV

Output Power

AF01 x/x-2 20W
AF01 x/x-3 30W
AF01 x/x-4 40W
AF01 x/x-5 50W

Circuit Protection

  1. When a short circuit is applied to the output, the output current is limited to 2.5 times the rated current.
  2. When the power supply experiences a load discharge, the output is switched off briefly. The output automatically returns to normal operation.

Mechanical Specifications

Width 80mm
Depth 200mm
Height 40mm

Operating Conditions

Temperature range 0°C to 40°C
Humidity < 90% non-condensing

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