High Voltage Resistors Up To 1000kVRES100

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The Genvolt RES100 range of High Voltage Resistors are available with a rated power from 30W up to 1000W with voltage limits between 30kV and 1000kV, depending on the application use required.

We have been manufacturing high voltage resistors for a long time and over those years we have perfected our design and manufacturing processes enabling us to supply one of the best HV resistor products on the market today.

What design features do the HV Resistors have?
The Genvolt power resistors are of tubular design to give them a low temperature coefficient that makes them capable of dissipating the electrical power (Watts), that has been converted into heat, with considerable efficiency and their high stability allows for proficiency in providing accuracy in load balancing and measurement.

What is the maximum temperature rating?
All of our high voltage resistors are dip coated in Silicone resistance paint and have a maximum temperature rating of 300°C.

Where can they be used?
Our power resistors are designed for usage in a diverse range of demanding applications including:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Power Supplies
  • Capacitor Discharge
  • ESD Protection
  • RADAR Equipment
  • X-Ray Systems
  • Test Load
  • Test Equipment
  • The Measurement of High Voltage Divider Applications
  • Restricting the Current Flow in a High Voltage System

Contact Genvolt
Please contact us with your specification requirements as we are able to provide high voltage resistors of various lengths and power ratings.

Do you have any high frequency resistors?
If you have a pulsed power requirement look at our RES200 range. (For all pulsed power applications please contact us for specifics).

Value, Ω
Tolerance Voltage
30 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   30kV
50 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   50kV
70 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C ±2% 70kV
100 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   100kV
130 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   130kV
150 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C ±5% 150kV
200 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   200kV
250 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   250kV
300 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   300kV
350 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C ±8% 350kV
400 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   400kV
500 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   500kV
600 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C ±10% 600kV
700 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   700kV
800 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   800kV
1000 50~100G ≤±150ppm/°C   1000kV

Design enhancement may lead to specification changes.

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