RES100 High Voltage Resistor-100kV Voltage limit|Genvolt High power, high voltage resistors

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RES100 high voltage resistors are designed for the usage in voltage dividers, test equipment, medical equipment, measuring equipment and test load.

Value, Ω
Termination Temperature
Tolerance Voltage
30 50~100G M5 ≤±150ppm/°C   30kV
50 50~100G M6 ≤±150ppm/°C   50kV
70 50~100G M6 ≤±150ppm/°C ±2% 70kV
100 50~100G M6 ≤±150ppm/°C   100kV
130 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   130kV
150 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C ±5% 150kV
200 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   200kV
250 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   250kV
300 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   300kV
350 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C ±8% 350kV
400 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   400kV
500 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   500kV
600 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C ±10% 600kV
700 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   700kV
800 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   800kV
1000 50~100G M8 ≤±150ppm/°C   1000kV

Design enhancement may lead to specification changes.

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