ESP01 Series4kW to 12kW high voltage power supply for air purification

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The Genvolt designed ESP01 Series high voltage power supplies produce output power from 4kW to 12kW, and output voltage from 10kV to 60kV. The ESP01 Series uses high-frequency inverter and control circuits providing high efficiency and a high tolerance to the noise generated by electrical discharges.

The ESP01 Series can be applied in air purification systems such as in chemical industries, printing factories and etc.

Input specifications

AC input voltage range Three phase 380VAC ±5%

Output specifications

Output voltage range 60kV maximum
Output current Constant current set up by external control
Output power 12kW maximum
Voltage load regulation Less than 2.5%
Voltage line regulation Less than 2%
Temperature drift Less than 300ppm/°C when operating under 55°C


Circuit protection

The power supply is protected from events of sparking, overload and short circuit. The output voltage will be regulated when operating at no load to prevent over-voltage.


Please see datasheet for more information.

Environmental details

Operating temperature -10 to 40°C
Relative humidity Less than 90% non-condensing

Mechanical details*

Weight 160kg maximum
Dimensions (mm) 1676 x 540 x 1070

*The weight and height of the power supply may change subject to different output power.


  • This power supply contains hazardous voltages and stored energy. Contact with the output may result in fatal injury. It should only be used and maintained by trained personnel.
  • The area where the power supply is to be used should be kept clean and dry.
  • Keep a safe distance from the output connector and any items connected to it.
  • Ensure that a secure connection is made between the Earth side of the load and the green and yellow Earth lead.

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