7XX30 Touch Screen High Voltage Bench Power Supply -30W 30kV|Genvolt30W Output Power, up to 30kV Adjustable Output Voltage

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 The 7xx30T high voltage power supply is a high precision, low cost power supply which is popular among universities and research institutions due to its compact design, high reliability and affordability which make it ideal for laboratory applications.


This 30W power supply offers adjustable output voltages of up to 30kV and is available with a range of options including single voltage or dual voltage and current display and single or dual high voltage output, with each being available in either positive or negative output polarity. Remote interlock is also available.


The 7xx30T is modelled on our popular 7xx30 series but instead features touch screen operation and is available with optional RS485 control.



Input specifications

AC input voltage range

220VAC ± 10%


Output specifications

Out put voltage range Near 0kV to 30kV
Available output voltages 5kV, 10kV, 20kV and 30kV (For other output voltages please call the factory)
Output polarity Positive or Negative
Voltage load regulation Better than 0.1%
Voltage line regulation Better than 0.1%



  • Overload, arcing and short circuit.
  • Unit enters constant current mode when fault occurs
  • Protection against reverse polarity from power supply


Control panel.

Touch screen operation on the front of the power supply as standard.

Control interface.

Optional RS485 interface available. For more information please Contact us

Environmental details

Operating temperature 0 to 50°C
Operating humidity Less than 90% non condensing


Mechanical details

Weight 3kg
Dimensions Height  100mm, Width 200mm, Length 300mm
Control interface connector Optional RS485 available please contact us for further details.

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