AF02C High Voltage ModuleMax 30W

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The AF02C High Voltage Module is specially designed by Genvolt, for air and oil fume purification. With intelligent controls, cost efficiency and reliable performance in mind. The range includes single and dual output types, delivering power from 5 to 30W. This extremely compact electrostatic precipitator high voltage power supply has an output voltage, with Ionizer,  of 8kV and with a Collector it is 4kV.


AF02C range of high voltage power supply standard specifications

Model AF02-220VAC-P20-6KS AF02-220VAC-P20-8/4K
AC input voltage range 220VAC±10% 220VAC±10%
Power 5 - 30W 5 - 30W
Output voltage 5 - 8kV

Ionizer: 8kV Collector: 4kV

Polarity Positive Positive

Airflow sensor, arc detection and protection, rinse time settings and warnings.








Note: For requirements other than those specified, please contact the factory for further information.

Product model number:

 Single polarity:                                                          Dual polarity:


Product features:

  1. Closed-loop control, stable output voltage.
  2. Intelligent circuit control achieved with a microcontroller.
  3. Control mode: one plus one mode and one plus two mode. (Note:  One plus one mode: one control PCB controls a power supply;One plus two mode: one control PCB controls two power supplies, where the settings will be applied to both power supplies. Please note that one of the power supplies switched off due to arcing will result in turning the other power supply off).
  4. LED display and input buttons.
  5. Airflow sensors for detecting airflow.
  6. Programmable arc detection and protection.
  7. Setting up rinse time, display, alarm and reset options.
  8. Multiple fault protections.
  9. Multiple dry contacts, remote information transmission available.

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