Electrospinning EquipmentStarter Kit

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Electrospinning Equipment

After seeing the ever-increasing requirement for electrospinning equipment, we have produced our very first starter kit. Utilising our versatile 7xx30 series benchtop power supply, and combining that with a digitally set infusion pump, our starter kit gives the user a precise high voltage power supply and a syringe pump for easily controlled continuous production in an electrospinning environment. The perfect combination for producing nanofibers and other applications.

What is Electrospinning?
Electrospinning is the process of producing fibers (normally Nanofibers) and particles by means of applying a voltage process (electrohydrodynamic phenomena) to a polymer solution by incorporating the use of a receptacle, a pump, a high voltage power supply and a collector.

Key Benefits of Syringe Pump:

  • Syringe purge mode.
  • Easy-to-use keypad interface.
  • Precise reproducible flow rates.
  • Remembers previous settings on power up.
  • Pumps continuously until you stop the pump.
  • Infusion rate can be changed while pumping.
  • Power failure mode allows pump to continue pumping after a reset.
  • Won't take up unnecessary space on your laboratory or production bench.
  • Syringe pumps are known for their capability in delivering a precise and smooth flow.


Capacity 1 Syringe from micro-litre size up to 60ml. (140ml partially filled)
Infusion Rate From 0.73 µL/hr (1 mL syringe) to 1500 mL/hr (60 mL syringe)
Volume Dispensed Displays total in mL or µL units
Selectable Infusion Rates Units in mL/hr, µL/hr, mL/min, µL/min
Footprint Size 5 3/4" x 8 3/4" (14.61cm x 20.32cm)

Mechanical and Electrical Functions:

Syringe Sizes Up to 140 cc
Number of Syringes 1
Motor Type Step motor
Motor Steps per Revolution 400
Mirco-stepping 1/8 to 1/2 depending on motor speed
Advance per step 0.2126 µm to 0.8504 µm depending on motor speed
Motor to Drive Screw Ratio 15/28
Drive Screw Pitch 20 revolutions/inch
DC Connector 2.1 mm, centre positive
Voltage at DC Connector 12V DC at full load
Amperage 750 mA at full load
Power Supply Type Unregulated linear external wall adapter
Power Supply Output Rating 12V DC @ 800 mA
Dimensions 8 3/4” x 5 3/4” x 4 1/2” High (22.86 cm x 14.605 cm x 11.43 cm)
Weight 3.6 lbs. (1.63 kg)


Maximum Speed 3.7742 cm/min
Minimum Speed 0.004205 cm/hr
Maximum Pumping Rate 1,257 mL/hr with a B-D 60 mL syringe
Minimum Pumping Rate 0.73 µL/hr with a B-D 1 mL syringe
Maximum Force 35 lbs. at minimum speed, 18 lbs. at maximum speed
Syringe I.D. Range 0.100 to 50.00 mm

For detailed specifications on the 7xx30 high voltage power supply please go to our dedicated 7xx30 Series page.

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