7xx30 Variable High Voltage DC Power SupplyRemote Interlock

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The Genvolt 7xx30 variable high voltage DC power supply units with remote interlock are ruggedly built bench top high voltage power supplies that are available with a convenient range of options that cover the complete series.

What Is A Variable High Voltage DC Power Supply?

If you are involved in general laboratory, research, education, industry or production and require a universal mains input product that is capable of providing a stable, reliable power source and varying output voltages, then you will probably need a high voltage power supply unit. Its variable supply allows you to set a maximum operating output voltage, thus protecting any sensitive equipment by not exceeding the range set on the front panel.

What Options Are Available?
The following options are available:
  • Dual meter display for both kV and mA digital readouts.
  • Dual high voltage output connectors (providing identical outputs) with a single control, for     power sharing.
  • Remote interlock facility for safe control of the high voltage.
  • Remote interlock switch, for connection to the apparatus being used in conjunction with the remote interlock facility on the high voltage power supply (when fitted).
  • Either single Negative or Positive high voltage output.
I Would Like A High Voltage DC Power Supply, But Are They Expensive?
Quite simply, no they are not. As their primary function tends to be research and higher education, therefore the design and manufacturing costs have been kept low without compromising on build quality or technology.

Do They Take Up Much Space?
Being a bench top product, the unit has quite a small footprint area, typically being not much bigger than a piece of A4 paper, leaving you plenty of room to conduct your work!
What Are Some Typical Applications?
Some common applications of use are Electrospinning, Electrospraying, high voltage device testing, Electrostatic testing for ESP’s (Electrostatic Precipitators). Generally speaking, the units are versatile and compact and are ideal for a multitude of tasks in test environments, and can be easily adapted,with ease, to suit most projects.

What Output Voltage Options Are There?
The units start at 500V and can be supplied with any voltage you want up to 30kV. Most units we provide tend to be either 500V, 1kV, 2kV, 2.5kV, 10kV, 20kV and 30kV.

What Is the Output Power?
This DC power supply has an output power rating of 30W. If you need something a bit larger (120W) for your work, or a product that is capable of functioning as a capacitor charger or x-ray generator then have a look at our other Bench Power Supply.

What Protection Features Does It Have?
Apart from the remote interlock switch (mentioned below) the variable high voltage DC power supply has protection from overload, arcing and short circuit. The unit enters a constant current mode when a fault occurs and it also has protection against reverse polarity from the power supply.

What Is A Remote Interlock, And Why Do I Need to Use One?
The remote interlock function of the 7000 series provides a mechanical safety system for the user.
The interlock consists of the built-in part of the system (which is not user accessible) and a lead with a mechanical “Cherry” switch connected, for the user to attach to the equipment enclosure.
The reason for using a mechanical switch rather than an electronic device is that the unit needs to provide a “Fail/Safe” operation when switching and this is best achieved by a mechanical device that is not influenced by external forces.
The unit is a plug and play assembly and requires little expertise when being fitted, however it is recommended that the installation is checked over by a qualified person with an understanding of high voltage and the associated practices (IEEE Std 510-1983).
The main aim of the remote interlock is safety and prevention of the associated risks involved when working with high voltage, so that when a door for instance on a fume cupboard is opened either deliberately or accidentally the high voltage immediately switches OFF.
After our standard bench power supply?
If you don't need the remote interlock features then you can find our standard high voltage power supply here.

Anything Else I Should Know?
High voltage by its very nature is dangerous and ALL persons using high voltage equipment should have the relevant training and understanding of the associated risks and good practices.
Watch a Video of the 7XX30 series on YouTube.
You can watch a video of the 7000 series on our YouTube channel here.
Unit Specifications
   71030  72030  73030
 Input Voltage (VDC)  22~26VDC@Up to 2.5A
 22~26VDC@Up to 2.5A
22~26VDC@Up to 2.5A
 Input Voltage (VAC)  85~260VAC  85~260VAC  85~260VAC
 Output Voltage  0~10kV  0~20kV  0~30kV
 Max Output Current  3.0mA  1.5mA  1.0mA
 Output Power  30W  30W  30W
 Polarity  +ive or -ive  +ive or -ive  +ive or -ive
 Ripple  <0.01%  <0.01%  <0.01%
 Stability  <0.01%  <0.01%  <0.01%
Temperature Coefficient  <100pmm/°C  <100pmm/°C  <100pmm/°C
 Efficiency  >75%  >75%  >75%
Mechanical Specification
The power supply is enclosed in a folded steel enclosure of 1.5mm steel with a fine texture S88 black steel finish.
Width 200mm, Length 300mm, Height 100mm
Other Features
  • 3.5cm digital LED output Voltage display
  • Single or dual HV output sockets (For power sharing)
  • Adjustable output Voltage from near 0-100%
  • Overload, arcing and short circuit
  • Unit enters constant current mode when a fault occurs
  • Protection against reverse polarity from the power supply
Safety enable/inhibit input (Optional on DC input units)
  • Open or unconnected: No high voltage output
  • Low: High voltage enabled

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