Perseus 1ma 60kV X-Ray Generator High Voltage Power Supply

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The Perseus 60kV X-Ray Generator range are a series of high voltage power supplies designed for non-destructive testing (NDT). Additionally the Perseus is a highly stable and accurate X-Ray power source with an output current of 0-1mA.

Industrial 60kV X-Ray Generator

Aside from NDT, other areas of use include material analysis, security checking, computed tomography, medical imaging and diagnostics and in specific environments that require a dependable high voltage x-ray source.

X Ray Power Supply Controls

It can either be controlled locally or by remote, and therefore the output voltage, output current and maximum filament current can be adjusted at either the front panel or remote control.

Other Power Options

For 100kV Negative output X-Ray generator power supplies take a look at the Perseus 100kV

Control Interface

The output voltage, output current and the maximum filament current setup is achieved by the 10 turn potentiometers on the front panel.

Details of the output voltage feedback, output current feedback and the filament current feedback are displayed on the 4 digital screens on the front panel.

The default and working status are indicated by LED lights and the remote control mode is achieved by connecting a 25 pin connector on the rear panel.

60kV High Voltage Power Supply Front

Front Of Power Supply

Perseus 60kV power supply rear

Back Of Power Supply


This power supply contains hazardous voltages and stored energy, as such any contact with the output may result in fatal injury. It should only be used and maintained by trained personnel.

The area where the power supply is to be used should be kept clean and dry.

Always keep a safe distance from the output connector and any items connected to it.

Ensure that a secure connection is made between the Earth side of the load and the Green and Yellow Earth lead.

60kV X-Ray Generator Technical Information


Input Specifications

AC input voltage range 180 to 264VAC
Power factor at full load 0.92

 Output Specifications

Output Voltage 0-60kV Negative
Output Current 0-1ma
Output Voltage Stability Within 0.1% of set value after warm-up
Ripple Less than 0.05% rms
Filament Voltage 0-5V DC
Filament Current 0-2A DC

 Parameter Settings

Voltage Setting 0-10V = 0-60kV
Current Setting 0-10V = 0-1mA
Maximum Filament Current Setting 0-10V = 0-2A (This is set to prevent the filament from failing when over-current)

 Output Feedback

Output Voltage Feedback 0-60kV
Output Current Feedback 0-1mA
Filament Current Feedback 0-2A

 Environmental Requirements

Temperature 0 to 50°C
Humidity Less than 90% non-condensing

 Mechanical Specifications

Perseus 60kV X Ray Generator Dimensions

Weight 32Kg
Dimensions Width 483mm, Height 178mm, Depth 600mm
Power Input Connector Standard IEC Socket
HV Output Connector Claymount Ca1 (03) 100kV High Voltage Socket
Control Interface Connector 25 pin female D connector

X-Ray Generator Custom Build

For requirements, other than those specified on the 60kV and 100kV X-Ray Generators, please do not hesitate to contact the factory.

N.B. Design improvements may lead to specification changes.


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