5 Way High Voltage Cable Splitter

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A new 5 Way High Voltage Cable Splitter accessory set has been developed and is now available for the Genvolt 7000 series of Laboratory High Voltage Power Supplies.


The unit splits one high voltage output into five outputs, giving a split current between the outputs. This gives the user the versatility of connecting multiple devices, e.g., for Electrospinning. Consequently this allows for a connection of multiple needles/heads to the same power supply with a single control.

Example Output

For instance, the output from the 73030 Power Supply (normally 30kV @ 1mA) can be split as follows:           
30kV @ 1mA = 30kV @ 5x 200uA
This splits the Current (mA) 5 ways and not the Voltage (kV)

5 Way High Voltage Cable Splitter Splitter Box

The high voltage cable splitters come with a splitter box and a customer defined cable length of XLHDPE silicone cable. The 5-way cable power splitter box comes with five female outputs and one male high voltage plug output that connects directly to a high voltage power supply.

5 Way High Voltage Cable Splitter Box


For precise control we also recommend ordering a set of matching high voltage cables (XLCG-30-5) with terminated plugs. Similarly, as with the splitter box, we provide HV cables with a cable length to suit the application environment.

High Voltage Cables With Plugs

Specification of the 5 Way Splitter and Cables

Part Number Description Dimensions Cable Length
7000-CSP-5 5 Way Splitter Box W=55mm, L=110mm, D=40mm Customer Defined
XLCG-30-5 Set of HV Cables Not Applicable Customer Defined

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