Laboratory Bench Power Supply

Highly sophisticated laboratory bench power supply units with multiple application uses from a trusted UK manufacturer.

With output power ranges from 30W all the way up to 1800W and output voltages from 500V up to 150kV, we have a power supply to meet your requirements.

Genvolt manufacture and supply high voltage power supplies as stand-alone benchtop power supplies as well as self contained 19 inch rack mounted units. All of our bench power supplies are manufactured to the highest specifications using the very latest in high voltage technologies.

With thousands of installations worldwide in schools, colleges, universities, research and development laboratories and in use in industrial applications our bench power supplies are versatile and faultlessly perform tasking requirements on a daily basis.

Typical applications: • Electrospinning • Electrospraying • Applied Mechanics Applied science and engineering • Bio-technology • Bio-chemical • Polymer and process engineering • Particle physics • High voltage testing • Electrostatic testing and biasing

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