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We want the name Genvolt to be synonymous in our customers’ minds with quality and the new electron beam rack power supply does just that. In fact, when our customers think quality, reliability, versatility and power, we want them to think Genvolt. Our long history of innovation and quality helps to keep us ahead of the curve, and our new product is no exception.

After a long and intense research and development process it is our pleasure to introduce our brand-new rack power supply. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of electron beam processes, welcome to our new electron beam rack power supply. This is no ordinary high voltage power supply and is one of the most powerful we have built in such a compact design. The unit is capable of 60,000 Volts, 4,000 Watts of power and is fabricated to fit into a standard 19 inch rack at only 4U high, which we are sure you will agree is pretty amazing. When designing the product, we listened to our customers and focused on their challenges or issues, which in part, is why the rack power supply has very low ripple at high frequency.

The power supply incorporates an industry compatible high voltage user interface and is configurable to US and UK mains single phase and mains three phase. Other specifications include the electron beam bench power supply being air insulated, having low stored energy and a negative or positive output polarity.

We are sure that you will agree that all of that in a power supply that produces and offers so much is fantastic. If you'd like more information then drop us an email at or alternatively you can call us on +44 (0)1746 862555 and we can discuss your requirements with you.

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Date: 22/05/2019 | By

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