New 1500W Capacitor Charging Power Supply

If you are after a high performance capacitor charging power supply then we can provide you with the perfect option. We are always increasing our already comprehensive product range and today we are proud to let you know that, after a long research and development process, we have charged ahead and launched our new Capacitor Charging Power Supply.

With a peak output power of 1500W and a rated output power of 500W, the Genvolt CCL1500 will easily meet your high voltage power supply requirement.

We've utilised the latest advances in high voltage power electronics to provide a unit that has a single output but is available in output voltages from 5kV up to 40kV.

The CCL1500 can be used in a variety of demanding fields, including, Atomic research, Defence and Nuclear research and the provision of military power supplies and is available with either a positive or negative polarity.

Have a look at the CCL1500

Date: 5/06/2019 | By

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