Would You Like Cleaner Air?

Would you like cleaner air is the question and we're sure that the answer would be a resounding yes. This is why the Genvolt range of ESP Power Supplies (electrostatic precipitator) have been providing cleaner air solutions worldwide for over 25 years. They are used in areas requiring higher quality air, such as hospital air filtration systems and commercial kitchens to cleaning blast furnaces. They are also used in coal power stations, however their use is not limited here and you’ve probably been in an establishment where one of our ESP power supplies is in use, such as a fast food chain and high street restaurant.

What is an electrostatic precipitator?
Quite simply an electrostatic precipitator is a device that removes particulates, like dust and fume, from the atmosphere. These can be either solid or in fine droplet form, that are formed in the working environment atmosphere.

It does this by using a high voltage power supply to create an electrostatic field that attracts the particles, thus removing them from the flow, and depositing them onto collector plates.

The efficiency of an electrostatic precipitator can be reduced by factors such as corona power ratio (consumed power divided by the airflow in cubic feet per minute) which is why our range of ESP power supply units have the ability to inhibit anti-corona by means of an adjustable pulse width. As the high voltage power supplies already operate with a high-power efficiency, this added technical aspect gives a guaranteed filtration performance.

The Genvolt Mercury series has an outstanding efficiency of 99.98%, and that’s with micron sized particles. That’s pretty small when you consider that the average cross-section of a human hair is 50 microns!

ESP’s are a great solution to the problem of removing particles from processes that have high gas flows into the millions of cubic feet per minute, with a minimal reduction in the flow of air.

With such a varied range to cover we have produced an ESP power supply that will meet the needs of a multitude of end user requirements. If you want a quote for one of our existing ESP power supplies, or have something more specific then give us a call today.

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