Pharmsci 2019

This year’s Pharmsci is taking place in the Undercroft Room inside Queen Mary Court on the Greenwich campus at the side of the Thames river, South London.

Genvolt, as regular attendees and contributors, will be on hand at the exhibition to meet, greet and support you. We will also be available to discuss current works in progress and our future projects. Just come along to the stand for an informal chat.

On Wednesday 11th September at 17:40 David Evans, of the Genvolt team, will be giving a presentation on “Powering Nano Technology” which will be a short and brief summary on where Genvolt are with supporting research and development of this technology, it is hoped that it will include a session of Q&A at the end of the presentation.

To find out more about Pharmsci visit the APS website at;

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