Genvolt Releases 60W 35kV High Voltage Power Supply

Genvolt are pleased to announce today the largest product launch in company history with the release of the 60W 35kV high voltage power supply. The new benchtop version of the signature 7000 series is available with multiple output voltages from 0-35kV. Options include remote interlock, dual HV output sockets, dual meters, mounting bars, and positive or negative polarity.

After selling our popular 7000 series 30W high voltage power supply worldwide, we now offer the same series with an uprated power output of 60W.

60W Power Supply

To date, Genvolt have provided the original 30W supply to research laboratories, universities, industry, space innovation, technology enterprises and more around the globe. The additional version provides enhanced efficiency, more flexibility and Genvolts reputation for providing high quality products, allowing end users to boost their productivity from the start. The 7000 Series 60W is the newest innovation from Genvolt that will allow people to conveniently take steps toward achieving their goals and unleashing the power supplies full potential.

Significant research, development, and testing has been carried out by our production specialists and laboratory staff to ensure it meets with the demanding rigours of use. As always, Genvolt aim at producing products to enhance efficiency and convenience, and this is what this product does.


Key components include low ripple of less than 0.01%, voltage load regulation of less than 0.01%, maximum output current of 1.7mA for the top of the range 73560, and voltage stability of less than 0.05% for 8 hours per day.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of the 7000 Series 60W high voltage power supply,” said Stuart Morgan, Managing Director of Genvolt. “When you want a power supply that will provide you with a highly stable output that is available with either AC or DC input, this new product is perfect and its sits neatly in our range of laboratory power supplies."

This announcement comes on the heels of the recent release of Genvolt's 7000D dual output power supply late last year.

To see the NEW 60W 35kV POWER SUPPLY, and contact Genvolt;

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