Semiconductor Crisis For High Voltage Power Supplies

There is a worldwide semiconductor crisis that is affecting providors of high voltage power supplies. Design and production of advanced technologies, that includes high voltage power supplies, rely on the use of semiconductors as an integral part to function. An overwhelming demand, that is outstripping supply, has created a global shortage of semiconductors that is affecting products from cars to tumble dryers, and pretty much anything with a plug.

It is being reported by news agencies and industry experts that it could take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years before production levels are high enough to cope with levels and get manufacturing back on track. Subsequently this could lead to consumers experiencing delays in receiving their orders from many manufacturers and suppliers.

As a world leader of high voltage power supplies Genvolt has significant stock levels of semiconductors and are in a position to supply our 8000 series (500V to 70kV) high voltage power supply from stock on standard orders and can offer turnaround times of  3-4 weeks on larger orders.

8000 Series 500V to 70kV High Voltage Power Supply

The Genvolt 8000 series is a versatile mains AC input HVPS with output power options from 500V up to 70kV. This versatile machine is being used around the world for applications ranging from X-Ray generation to Electrospinning and capacitor charging.

Call Genvolt today to order your 8000 series!

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Date: 1/06/2021 | By

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