Business Admin Apprentice

A position for a Level 3 Business Admin Apprentice has opened at Genvolt. If you have a strong awareness of electronics, good communication skills, are motivated and driven, and have a high attention to detail then this could be the perfect opportunity for you to join our team.

About Genvolt

Genvolt have been manufacturing high voltage power supplies for over 30 years, with our products being used around the world. Our power supplies offer output voltages from 200V to more than 300kV and are used for multiple applications in areas such as air purification, electrospinning, and lasers.

The Apprenticeship Role

The apprenticeship role would require you to proactively promote Genvolt and source new prospects and customers. You’ll be required to implement a business strategy and develop a professional network within the industries that utilise our products and services.

Being a sales engineer will require you to establish strong relationships with customers, engage with them on a professional basis, learn to understand their requirements, and be able to provide them with a workable solution.

As our products are used in a variety of sectors you could be dealing with leading universities one day and experts at the forefront of nanotechnology the next.

Future Prospect

The skills learnt whilst working with high voltage power supplies are unique and for the right candidate progression on to becoming a fully qualified sales engineer is on offer.

Apply Now

If this sounds interesting to you, and you would like a career in the high voltage industry, go to the Governments apprenticeship website to read more and apply today.

Date: 7/09/2021 | By

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