Electrospinning & Electrospraying


Electrospinning is a novel technology utilising electrostatic force to produce nanofibers. It can be used for fibre diameter from 10 μm to 10nm. For creating nanofibers electrospinning is quite an economical and straightforward option. Electrospinning offers advantages like control over morphology, porosity and composition using simple equipment. Electrospinning is a non-invasive method of fibre production. The process can run at ambient temperature and the process of solidification does not involve any coagulation chemistry, simply the removal of solvent from the system.

Electrospinning is a versatile and viable technique for generating ultrathin fibres for different applications such as biomaterials (e.g. tissue engineering, wound dressing/healing, drug delivery system, reinforcement of biomaterial, and coating implants and other biomaterials devices) and cosmetics (e.g. facial masks, perfumes, deodorants, antiperspirants).


Electrospraying, is similar to electrospinning, however, instead of the fabrication of nanofibers, nanoparticles are formed. The most outstanding features of electrospraying are the high encapsulation efficiency and the possibility of the production of solid particles in a single step. The properties of the nanoparticles produced using the electrospraying technique can be tailored for different applications by varying operating parameters (such as voltage, flow rate, and collector distance) and solution parameters (such as viscosity, density, biopolymer type, and concentration).


Electrospinning Setup

We supply the Genvolt electrospinning machine with our highly resilient and robust (up to 30kV) 7000 series high voltage power supply and an extremely accurate digitally set infusion pump. The syringe pump and power supply are capable of continuous fibre production in electrospinning. We have ramped up our technology and production on these kits and can provide complete kits at short notice. Depending on the end-user requirements, the high voltage power supplies can be configured with output voltages of either 0-1kV, 0-2kV, 0-10kV, 0-20kV & 0-30kV. They can be provided as either negative or positive polarity machines.


For many years Genvolt has been working with leading universities and industries to provide guidance and gain industry knowledge on achieving exemplary results using various solutions when producing nanoparticles. These range from choosing the correct power outputs that work best with specific polymer solutions to identifying the best pump speeds to achieve efficient flow.


Get in touch today for a quote or more information at enquiries@genvolt.co.uk call us on +44 (0) 1746 862555.

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