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4th July 2014 Genvolt welcomes Tina Hickman

Date: 4/07/2014

Genvolt welcomes Tina Hickman who joined Genvolt on the 30th June 2014 as a Trainee Technician. Tina lives locally and is looking to increase her skills and sees Genvolt as an opportunity to develop her career. ‘I’m looking forward to a new career and I hope my individual efforts will help the team’, said Tina.

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20th June 2014 The New Uprated Vulcan Range

Date: 20/06/2014

Genvolt are pleased to announce the successful delivery of two uprated Vulcan power supplies to NSD-Gradel in Luxembourg.  These units will be used in conjunction with plasma-type neutron generators under development by NSD-Gradel. As well as enhancing the power from 20kW...

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2nd May 2014 The New Perseus Range

Date: 2/05/2014

The Perseus Range of high voltage power supplies is specifically designed for use in industrial X-ray systems. They can be applied to industrial non-destructive testing, material analysis, security checking etc. These power supplies are very stable and accurate, they have an output ripple voltage of less than 0.05%. Output control may be achieved either by using the controls on the...

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14th April 2014 Genvolt Website Internationalisation

Date: 14/04/2014

We are pleased to announce that Genvolt have updated the website.  The new update has focused on an international web strategy with landing pages translated into many different languages.  This will assist in promoting the website on international search engines. Please look here. Amongst other changes we have also added some...

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31st March 2014 The New AF05/OF05 Range

Date: 31/03/2014

The new AF05/OF05 Range of high voltage power supplies is designed for air and oil fume purification as the primary application. It can also be applied to capacitor charging and other general purpose applications. This new Range provides high performance and a high degree of reliability in a wide range of applications. It is also very tolerant to the noise generated...

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18th March 2014 Visit us at the Pulsed Power Symposium at Loughborough University

Date: 7/03/2014

Genvolt will be exhibiting at the UK Pulsed Power Symposium 2014 held at Loughborough University on 18th March 2014. This one-day international event at Holywell Park Conference Centre on the Loughborough University campus will gather leading researchers...

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3rd March 2014 Meet Andy

Date: 3/03/2014

Andy Hall who started working at Genvolt in 1996 has been made team leader and is taking a bigger role in ensuring quality and production targets are met. Andy said "I came to Genvolt straight from school and have had 18 happy years here.  I'm now looking to move forward and ensure the high quality standards are maintained and customers continue to be satisfied with our delivery...

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20th February 2014 The New Sirius Range

Date: 20/02/2014

The Sirius range of high voltage power supplies are suitable for a wide range of laboratory applications. They are designed to be very robust, a 0.5mA output current limit provides protection from overload and short-circuit conditions.The demand and output, current and voltages, are displayed on digital meters mounted on the front panel. Output control is...

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