7XX30 Range10, 20, 30kV low-cost laboratory unit

The Genvolt 7XX30 range of high voltage power supplies are used primarily as laboratory power supplies. The power supply has an LED digital voltage reading, adjustable voltage range, highly stable output and low ripple. The unit is available in positive or negative polarity and one or two output connectors depending on customer requirements.

Each unit is supplied with a HV output cable and an AC input cable. Please find out more information in the data sheet.

General Specification

  71030 72030 73030
Input voltage 22~26VDC@Up to2.5A 22~26VDC@Up to2.5A 22~26VDC@Up to2.5A
or 85~260VAC 85~260VAC 85~260VAC
Output voltage 0~10kV 0~20kV 0~30kV
Max output current 3.0mA 1.5mA 1.0mA
Output power 30W 30W 30W
Polarity P/N P/N P/N
Ripple <0.01% <0.01% <0.01%
Stability <0.01% <0.01% <0.01%
Temperature coefficient <100pmm/°C <100pmm/°C <100pmm/°C
Efficiency >75% >75% >75%

Mechanical Specification

The power supply is enclosed in a folded steel enclosure. 1.5mm steel with fine texture S88 black steel finish.


Width 200mm
Length 300mm
Height 100mm

Other Features

  • 3.5 digital LED output voltage display
  • Single or Dual HV output sockets
  • Adjustable output voltage from 0~100%


  • Overload, arcing and short circuit.
  • Unit enters constant current mode when fault occurs
  • Protection against reverse polarity from power supply

Safety enable/inhibit input (Optional on DC input units)

  • Open or unconnected: No HV output
  • Low: HV enabled