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Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Visits Genvolt

Date: 26/09/2019

It was a pleasure to welcome Michael from RAL (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) today, to discuss exciting new ventures and possibilites between us. A valued client of Genvolts for many years, RAL is one of the UK's leading scientific research and innovation laboratories and has pioneered work in the areas of particle physics, science and space reasearch.

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Pharmsci 2019

Date: 9/09/2019

This year’s Pharmsci is taking place in the Undercroft Room inside Queen Mary Court on the Greenwich campus at the side of the Thames river, South London.Genvolt, as regular attendees and contributors, will be on hand at the exhibition to meet, greet and support you. We will also be available to discuss current works in progress and our future projects. Just come along to the...

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Genvolt SlideShare Channel

Date: 20/08/2019

We have just uploaded our latest offering to the popular hosting service, SlideShare. Our presentation focuses on Electrospinning, its applications and uses as well as information on the Genvolt electrospinning starter kit.The link to our SlideShare channel is; https:...

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Would You Like Cleaner Air?

Date: 1/08/2019

Would you like cleaner air is the question and we're sure that the answer would be a resounding yes. This is why the Genvolt range of ESP Power Supplies (electrostatic precipitator) have been providing cleaner air solutions worldwide for over 25 years. They are used in areas requiring higher quality air, such as hospital air filtration systems and commercial kitchens to...

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New safety feature added

Date: 8/07/2019

High Voltage DC Power Supply   We've just added a new product to our range of variable high voltage power supplies. The popular 7xx30 series can now be ordered with a remote interlock switch that provides a mechanical safety system for the user. This is useful for attachment to cabinets and provides a "fail/safe" operation that is not influenced by external forces. ...

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Genvolt Visit to India

Date: 25/06/2019

We had lots of productive meetings and made some new business connections whilst over in India, plus it's always great to catch up with our colleagues at Genvolt India. Thanks for looking after us whilst we there Yugandhar, Neha, Gokul, Sandeep and everyone else. We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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New 1500W Capacitor Charging Power Supply

Date: 5/06/2019

If you are after a high performance capacitor charging power supply then we can provide you with the perfect option. We are always increasing our already comprehensive product range and today we are proud to let you know that, after a long research and development process, we have charged ahead and launched our new Capacitor Charging Power Supply.With a peak output power of 1500W and a...

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