PM Range1200V 3.6W photo-muliplier power supply

This photo-multiplier power supply has been designed with scientific instrumentation in mind. In order to produce spike free output with low ripple and high stability, linear circuit topology has been employed. Control is via 22 turn potentiometer or 0 to 10V input. A 10 volt stable reference output is available at the connector.


Input voltage 24 to 30VDC recommended. Current consumption is 0.4A typically at full load
Output voltage 50V to 1200V negative
Output current 3mA maximum load current
Control voltage 10V input gives - 1200V output
Output ripple Less than 10mV peak to peak at full output
Line regulation Better than 50ppm/volt
Load regulation Better than 50ppm/volt

Connector Information

Pin 1 Monitor point
Pin 2 Power ground
Pin 3 Internal 10V reference output
Pin 4 Remote shutdown
Pin 5 Power input
Pin 6 Variable reference output
Pin 7 Control 0V reference
Pin 8 HV control input
Pin 9 Power ground

Temperature Co-efficient

  • Typically better that 50ppm/˚C
  • The connector is a PCB-mounted 'D' type, male
  • Mounting is by means of small flanges at the ends with 4mm clearance holes. The holes are positioned centrally, 158mm apart.
  • The unit is finished in Alochrom 1200 and the heatsink anodised, the cover is galvanised steel.