NDT - Non-destructive X-ray

Industrial X-ray demands highly stable and accurate power supplies. Our power supplies are capable of material analysis, security checks and industrial probing to name a few. We make small miniature DC input modules to high power X-ray generators supporting various filament voltages suitable for continuous operation.

High Voltage Power Supplies | Genvolt

Genvolt UK are an electric engineering company who specialise in the design, development and manufacturing of innovative High Voltage Power Supplies, from 200V to over 300kV,  for more than 25 years. With offices in UK, China and India Genvolt offers a range of  ‘off the shelf’ power supplies suitable for the majority of Industrial, Commercial, Analytical, Military and Laboratory applications to name a few.

Our equipment portfolio varies greatly and includes HV power supplies to applications such as Laboratory bench power supply, Electrostatic precipitators, Charging capacitors power supplies, Industrial x-ray power supplies, High voltage cable & connectors, Electron beam power supplies, Laser power supplies, High voltage modules,Transformer rectifiers and High voltage components

Please download our online brochure for more information on our power supplies and their applications here!

Genvolt Engineers have also offered customized technical support second to none to hundreds of customers, who represent countless products across many applications. Those people that work with us know they can trust our products and services as we build strong partnerships.  
“Clients are part of our business and we are part of their businesses”.
Here at Genvolt we have a vision, to provide customers of high voltage technologies with support and expertise so as to deliver the best solution to their requirements.

Whatever your high voltage power supply requirement, Genvolt has the technical expertise and experience to meet even the most demanding applications. For more information please see our bespoke service page or email us your enquiry at info@genvolt.co.uk

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