High Voltage Power Supplies

Genvolt design, develop and manufacture a wide range of high voltage power supplies from 200V to over 300kV through certified systems which conform to ISO 9001:2015.

With output voltages starting from a few hundred volts and extending to over three hundred kilovolts and power levels stretching from a few Watts to over 50kW (kilowatts).

Alongside our standard products, you will find Genvolt's expertise in providing tailor-made designs where off-the-shelf products are unsuitable.

Our product mix varies greatly, from photomultipliers requiring high stability and millivolt ripple to large electron beam welding machines requiring very low stored energy and fast response times.

Applications for Genvolt equipment are equally diverse, you can find our power supplies in analytical and x-ray equipment, alongside industrial, military, capacitor chargers and laboratory use.

Genvolt may be able to provide you with the bespoke power supply you need to meet your demanding applications.

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We have fluent English, French and Mandarin Chinese but we apologise in advance if we do not speak your language.  We would suggest filling out our contact form, which we can translate and respond back to you in your chosen language.

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