Halo Matrix needle Holder

This week, we conducted an experiment to test the effectiveness of the "Halo" matrix needle holder. After conducting a mechanical shakedown, we proceeded with an in-free-air experiment. The "Halo" was equipped with eight independent single-needle syringe pumps, each connected to a single high voltage source through the "Spyder" 1 into 8 High Voltage Splitter. The setup can be viewed in the first photograp, while the second photograph shows the multiple spray pattern in its primary form. 


The experiment was a great success, surpassing our expectations in terms of product flow consistency and pattern reliability. As a result, we plan to move forward with an eight-needle single syringe pump and conduct the experiment again inside the new Environmental Chamber. 


If you require more information about this or any other experiments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Date: 9/08/2023 | By

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