Environmental Chamber

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Genvolt are pleased to announce the launch of their new Environmental Chamber, suitable for Electrospinning and Electrospraying.

The Chamber developed in conjunction with Innovate UK funding and the collaboration of De Montfort University of Leicester is the result of an ongoing partnership that has been in place for some 7 years. Another spinoff from all this work was the successful application and granting of a KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) which enabled a greater level of specific research into creating the ideal setup of Electrospinning and Electrospraying research more accessible to everyone involved in this unique and life changing area of science. 

And for those that can remember this included the incredibly successful EDHA group, led by Professor Zeeshan Ahmed, who is a leading authority in both the fields of Electrospraying and Electrospraying, and leads a research team at DMU. The culmination of this project included Genvolt’s development of modified and bespoke High Voltage Power Supplies designed specifically for Electrospinning and Electrospraying research and development. 

To this end Genvolt have developed a “Modular” solution to this, developing a system whereby the customer can add to the start-up package as and when expansion and budget allow. (The Start Up package is detailed separately). Without changing the basic setup, a very large range of equipment can be added to perform the required work at hand.

As the UK’s leading independent High Voltage power supply manufacturer, Genvolt are uniquely positioned to be able to call on others to work together to develop on-point solutions for some of the most demanding of conditions and material experiments. Please read on and discover more about the “Genvolt” modular attitude to making things happen in a controlled environment and see how this unique approach can help you with your experiments and research, all our products are supported in the UK, by our own specialist technical team, and all questions that you may have, are “Relevant” and “Important” to us as well as you.

Basic Electrospinning/Electrospraying setup


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