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High Voltage Connectors

We have an extensive variety of high quality, X-Ray cables, standard high voltage connectors, high voltage cable assemblies and receptacles.

Genvolt provides cable assemblies and high voltage interconnection solutions for non-destructive testing, computed tomography and metrology in industry and science.

Our cables come with a PVC jacket shroud and have a rated voltage from 100kV up to 320kV DC, depending on the specific cable requirement.

The different sized connector range will fit on the differing cable sizes. 100kV (R10), 160kV (R24), 225kV (R28), up to 350kV (R30).

Being a bespoke cable assembly service allows you the flexibility to choose the cable type, connector, cable length and flange.

Typical applications: • Medical • Scientific • Industrial and Commercial industries • Electron Beam Welding • NDT • Pulsed Power • Fusion • Plasma • Research and Particle Physics

  • 5 Way High Voltage Cable Splitter

  • High Voltage Connectors 30kV

  • High Voltage Connectors 60kV