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Industrial X-ray Power Supplies

We provide highly stable, reliable and accurate industrial X-ray power supplies and x ray sources for a range of applications across a wide spectrum. If you are after industrial power supplies that can be either a small direct current (DC) input modules all the way up to to high power X-ray generators supporting filament voltages suitable for continuous operation, then we have the solution for you.

Sometimes the provision of industrial power supplies requires a more tailored solution and this is where our custom power supplies service can help out and we have provided this service to many clients over the years. So if you have something specific that you need us to build for you then get in touch.

Typical applications: • Non-destructive testing (NDT)  • Security checks • Industrial probing • Computed Tomography (CT) • Threat Detection • Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) • Transport Security • Vehicle, Container & Cargo Screening Solutions • Medical X Ray


Cooling Method


Input Frequency

Input Voltage

Line Regulation

Load Regulation


Operating Humidity

Operating Temperature

Output Adjustable Range

Output Power

Output Voltage


Power Factor



Voltage Ripple

  • 8000 Series High Voltage DC Power Supply

  • E Beam Power Supply

  • Electron Beam Welder Power Supply Rack Mounted XL4000

  • Pegasus Laboratory Power Supply

  • Pegasus P1800 Rack Power Supply

  • Perseus 1mA 60kV X-Ray Generator High Voltage Power Supply

  • Perseus Industrial X-Ray Generator

  • Pleiades HV Power Supply

  • X-Ray Generator High Voltage Power Supply