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Laboratory Power Supply

Highly sophisticated laboratory power supply units with multiple application uses from a trusted UK manufacturer.

With output power ranges from 30W all the way up to 1800W and output voltages from 500V up to 150kV, we have a power supply to meet your requirements.

Genvolt manufacture and supply high voltage power supplies as stand-alone benchtop power supplies as well as self contained 19 inch rack mounted units. All of our bench power supplies are manufactured to the highest specifications using the very latest in high voltage technologies.

With thousands of installations worldwide in schools, colleges, universities, research and development laboratories and in use in industrial applications our bench power supplies are versatile and faultlessly perform tasking requirements on a daily basis.

Typical applications are:
• Electrospinning – A method of producing fibres via high voltage processes.
• Electrospraying – The production of nano particulates.
• Applied Mechanics – Also known as Engineering Mechanics.
• Applied science and engineering – The application of existing science technology for the development of more practical solutions.
• Biotechnology – Harnessing cellular and biomolecular processes for the betterment of our living and our planet.
• Biochemical – Combining the fields of biology, chemistry and engineering for the study and advancement of biological elements
• Polymer and process engineering – The design and analysis of polymer structures.
• Particle physics – Physical sciences for the study of particles such as the Higgs boson.
• High voltage testing – Testing of devices to ensure the perform within their parameters by methods such as dielectric withstand test and hipot testing.
• Electrostatic testing and biasing – Testing electrostatic flow through objects, liquids, powders etc to measure their volume of resistivity.
• Sputtering – The ejection of microscopic particles on materials.


Cooling Method


Input Frequency

Input Voltage

Line Regulation

Load Regulation


Operating Humidity

Operating Temperature

Output Adjustable Range

Output Power

Output Voltage


Power Factor



Voltage Ripple

  • 7000 Series Power Supply

  • 7000D Dual Output High Voltage Power Supply

  • 7000SC Series Power Supply

  • 8000 Series High Voltage DC Power Supply

  • Electrospinning Machine

  • Europa 19 Inch Rack Mount Power Supply

  • Pegasus Laboratory Power Supply

  • Pegasus P1800 Rack Power Supply

  • Pleiades HV Power Supply

  • Sirius 1 HV Power Supply

  • Sirius 3 HV Power Supply