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High Voltage Power Supplies

All Genvolt high voltage power supplies will give you high-quality power supplies that have been manufactured using the latest advances in technology and components. Even though we have employed these techniques in our design and manufacturing processes we are still able to provide a low-cost solution whatever your high voltage power supply requirement and have over 50,000 installations worldwide.

Some of the power supplies in the Genvolt range are small form factor benchtop power supply units that consume very little space in their installation environment or 19-inch rack-mounted power supplies, that fit into 3U or 4U cabinets, whilst others, such as our EB series electron beam welding power supply, are provided with castors to allow for easier positioning.

If you’re not sure which power supply is best for you or if you’re not sure on where to start in choosing a HV power supply then read our article Choosing The Right High Voltage Power Supply it gives the low down on where to start and what features you should be looking for.

We provide products from our range that are operated from either AC input voltages or DC input voltages, depending on the product and the requirement. The Genvolt range is further enhanced by products that can be operated from either single phase or three-phase input depending on which range is required.

Our solutions have high voltage power supplies with Voltages from as low as 200V to over 300kV and output power from as low as 20W to in excess of 1000W with most products being available with either a fixed positive polarity or a fixed negative polarity.

If your requirement is high voltage components then we’ve got that area covered also with high voltage ceramic capacitors, ceramic disc capacitors, high voltage resistors (including resistors for additive manufacturing processes), high voltage connectors rated at either 30kV or 60kV and also high voltage cable that is available in both TV style and as a silicone cable.

We are also able to provide X-Ray cables for use in NDT (non-destructive testing), CT (computed tomography), metrological and scientific environments. Our x-ray cables a rated from 100kV to 320kV DC and can be provided with a variety of cable assemblies and connectors. 

Genvolt’s range of high voltage power supplies categories are:

  • Bench Power Supplies
  • Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Capacitor Charging Power Supplies
  • General Applications
  • Industrial X-Ray Power Supplies
  • High Voltage Cable & Connectors
  • Electron Beam Power Supplies
  • Laser Power Supplies
  • High Voltage Modules
  • Special Applications
  • Transformer Rectifiers
  • High Voltage Components
  • Bespoke High voltage Power Supply

Genvolt Offer Custom Power Supplies.

If we don’t have a high voltage power supply that quite meets your requirements, then we also offer a bespoke service for high voltage equipment and would be able to design and manufacture a power supply unit for you. We believe that we are in a unique position to provide this service and have a good reputation, worldwide, in being able to provide working solutions for many varied high voltage power supply requirements.

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