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Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

Capacitor charging power supplies using a rugged IGBT based inverter running in resonant mode to achieve high efficiency.

Our capacitor charging high voltage power supplies have a voltage range of 1kV for the 8000 series up to 200kV with the top of the range Vulcan series. With power outputs from 1000W up to 30kW for the Callisto range.

The Genvolt capacitor power supply units have their uses in applications requiring a pulsed power supply, as well as other typical applications such as for critical research institutes in the fields of Atomic, Defence and Nuclear research and the provision of military power supplies.


Cooling Method


Input Frequency

Input Voltage

Line Regulation

Load Regulation


Operating Humidity

Operating Temperature

Output Adjustable Range

Output Power

Output Voltage


Power Factor



Voltage Ripple

  • 5040 High Voltage Capacitor Charger

  • 8000 Series High Voltage DC Power Supply

  • Callisto HV Power Supply

  • CCL1000 Capacitor Charging Power Supply

  • CCL1500 Capacitor Charging Power Supply

  • Electron Beam Welder Power Supply Rack Mounted XL4000

  • GN1000 Series

  • Rhea High Voltage Capacitor Power Supply

  • Sirius 3 HV Power Supply

  • Titan HV Power Supply

  • Vulcan HV Power Supply