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High Voltage Cable

Steadfastly offering a wide selection of high voltage cable, for the transmission of high voltage electricity, encompassing high quality insulation and conductors, with rated voltages from 10kV to 350kV, predicated by the type of cable required.

Our teams are dedicated to the constant development of our HV cables to satisfy the needs of our customers. Genvolt has been supplying HV cable products for over 25 years and have extensive experience in providing technical guidance and product suitability for the correct product selection. Our stock lines are considerable and we offer competitive prices, throughout the range, whatever the destination.

This makes Genvolt the go to company for your cabling, bespoke or otherwise.

High Voltage Cable Range

We have a variety a cables within our extensive range to suit most demanding applications.

Shielded Cable

High quality cable with dielectric materials consisting of either LDHMW PE, LDHMW, Silicone, EPR or XLPE cable and with rated voltages from 10kV to 300kV (DC) and 5kV to 100kV (AC). More details coming soon. Get in touch today, with your requirements, for a quote.

Unshielded Cable

As with the shielded cables our range of unshielded high voltage cable have rated voltages between 10-150kV (DC) and 5-45kV (AC) and are available with dielectric material of LDHMW PE, FEP or Silicone depending on cable rating required.

X-Ray Cable

Very high quality flexible cable suitable for DC voltages up to 320kV and 115kV AC. These cables are highly suitable for x-ray and e-beam (electron beam) applications, especially when used in conjunction with our x-ray connectors.
Rated voltages for pulsed power applications must be checked on a per application basis.

Triaxial Cable

Also known as triax and similar to coaxial cable this cable has an additional shield. With dielectric materials consisting of EPR, Silicone or Paper/Oil and with rated voltages of 22.5kV to 350kV (DC) and 17kV to 50kV (AC). More details coming soon. Get in touch today, with your requirements, for a quote.

Multi Conductor Cable

A superior range of cables rated from 15kV to 300kV and insulated with either Silicone, Polyethylene or FEP depending to cable voltage required.

Silicone Cable

With a high bend radius and great resistance to environmental conditions our silicone cable range is available from 10kV to 50kV and have a maximum temperature rating of 200°C.

High Voltage Cable Definitions

We’ve provided a summerised list of popular terminology used for our cable selections below, however we do have a dedicated page (Cable Terminology) containing a full list of the terminology for all of our high voltage cable solutions.

Dielectric Material Types

The different types of dielectric material compounds are;
EPR – Ethylene Propylene Copolymer Rubber
FEP – Flourinated Ethylene Propylene
LDHMW PE – Low Density High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
SILICONE – Silicone Rubber
XLPE – Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Jacket Materials

PVC – Polyvinyl Chloride
Hypalon –  Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene(CSPE) Synthetic Rubber (CSM)
TPR – Thermoplastic Rubber
LDHMW PE – Low Density High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Polyurethane – Polyurethane
Polyolefin – Polyolefin

Rated Voltage

The cable rated voltage or operating voltage is its maximum voltage, which can be DC or AC (depending on specifics), that can be continuously applied to the centre of the conductors.

Depending on the quantities required we may be able to provide special high voltage cable that meets specific customer demands, please contact us for more information in these cases.

High Voltage Cable Sizes


American Wire Gauge is the standardised wire gauging system that is used for the measurement of electrical conductors. Most commonly we would use the metric system of mm² when referring to the cross sectional area size of the conductor.

You can download our AWG to MM² Conversion Chart to help with your selection. If there are any sizes that you need help with then please get in touch with our Technical Team

Please note that specifications may change from time to time and you should contact us for the most up to date technical information. Please contact us if you can’t find the type or size of cable that you are after.

Typical applications: • Medical • Scientific • Industrial and Commercial industries • Electron Beam Welding • NDT • Pulsed Power • Fusion • Plasma • Research and Particle Physics • Laser Systems • Defence • High Voltage Power Supplies • Space • High Voltage Transformers • High Voltage Measuring • Test Equipment • Broadcasting

Output Power

  • Multi Conductor Cable

  • Silicone Cable

  • Unshielded Cable