• Defence SectorsHighly reliable extremely robust products for multiple applications.
  • Research and LaboratoryGenvolt High Voltage Power Supplies are used and installed in research and laboratory institutions worldwide. We offer both low cost modular units and high powered, highly accurate 19" rack mounted units.
  • High Voltage ComponentsCeramic Capacitors | Disc Capacitors | Resistors | High Voltage Connectors | High Voltage Cable
  • ESP Power SuppliesGenvolt High Voltage Power Supplies for air, oil and liquid cleaning. Over 50,000 installations worldwide with advanced high frequency electrostatic precipitator (ESP) air cleaning solutions.
  • Custom Power SuppliesGenvolt has a proven track record of producing High Voltage Power Supplies and innovative solutions within the field of high voltage engineering. Whether you require high voltage power supplies, electron beam machines, capacitor chargers, laboratory power supplies, or X-ray equipment, we have the experience to design develop and manufacture a tailor-made solution to best suit your requirements.
  • Capacitor Charging Power SuppliesWe supply our capacitor chargers to the worlds most renowned and critical research institutes in the field of atomic research, defence research and nuclear research.
  • High Voltage Power SuppliesHigh Voltage Power Supplies | Laboratory and Research | Air cleaning Equipment | Electrostatic Liquid/Oil Cleaning | Electrostatic Precipitators | Non-Destructive Testing | X-ray | Electron Beam Welding | Capacitor Charging | Testing | Electron Beam Printing | 3D Printing | Dielectric / Insulation Testing Equipment | Electrospinning | Electrospraying | Particle Accelerators
  • NDT - Non destructive testingIndustrial X-ray demands highly stable and accurate High Voltage Power Supplies. Our power supplies are capable of material analysis, NDT, security checks and industrial probing to name a few. We make miniature DC input modules up to high power X-ray generators that support various filament voltages suitable for continuous operation.

High Voltage Power Supplies

Genvolt UK has been manufacturing high voltage power supplies since 1991 and our diverse range offers high voltage power supply solutions that are suitable for a wide variety of applications and performance demands.
Our innovative products offer power supplies with output voltages from as low as 200V to over 300kV. The Genvolt range has typical output power figures from 20W to 24kW.


We know that there may be times when our range doesn’t quite provide what you might be after, this is why we offer a bespoke service where we are able to design and manufacture a working solution that meets your requirements. Our team of highly skilled designers and technicians have provided this service to multiple institutions and companies worldwide over the years and we pride ourselves on the level of expertise we are able to offer and our good reputation in the industry. Combine this with our extensive testing facilities and you have a service that is second to none. You can see an example of some of the equipment that we have designed and supplied in the past on our dedicated Custom Power Supplies page.


If you’d prefer to have an offline copy of our products you can download our online brochure by selecting the following link:
Product Brochure


Genvolt Engineers have also offered customised technical support to hundreds of customers, who represent countless agencies, research departments and global organisations for multiple products across many applications. The people that work with us know they can trust our vision, products and services as we build strong partnerships. This is part of our ethos where “Clients are part of our business and we are part of their businesses”.
Our vision is to provide customers, of high voltage technologies, with a high level of support and industry-leading expertise so as to deliver the best solution to their requirements.

Whatever your high voltage power supply requirement, we can help! 


Defence Sectors

Highly reliable extremely robust products for multiple applications.

Genvolt's Range of High Voltage Power Supplies Are:

Bench Power Supplies

Genvolt bench power supplies are small form factor high voltage power supplies that consume very little space in their installation environment and are available from 30W output power to 50kV output voltage. Within this range we also have our 19-inch rack-mounted power supplies that are 3U or 4U and have output voltages from near 0kV to 120kV.

Electrostatic Precipitators

Electrostatic precipitators are efficient at removing particles from their operating environment and our highly efficient high voltage modules are either adjustable from 10kV-20kV and 150W-1000W or are supplied as fixed units with output power from 5W for the lower end range up to 1000W and 150kV for the ion blast air purification system.

Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

Capacitor charging power supplies combine high performance with the latest technology and have typical uses in pulsed power applications, atomic, defence, and nuclear research. The units have output voltages from 5kV to 200kV and rated output power from 500W to 24kW.

Industrial X-Ray Power Supplies

If you need an X-Ray power source or X-Ray generator then look at the Genvolt X-Ray high voltage power supplies. Starting at small direct current (DC) input modules up to high power X-Ray generators the range goes from 0V to 60kV.

High Voltage Cable

Genvolt offers a variety of high voltage cables, including shielded cable, unshielded cable, x-ray cable, triaxial cable, multi-conductor cable and silicone cable, with rated voltage up to 300kV (DC).

High Voltage Connectors

If you have high voltage power supplies and are in need of connectors, our selection of high voltage connectors up to 60kV are robust, economical, constructed from Silicone and are suitable for TV type rated cable.

Electron Beam Power Supplies

Highly stable power supplies with operational uses like electron beam welding or additive manufacturing. Typical output power and voltage ranges start at 600W & 15kV for a rack-mounted supply or 3kW & 60kV respectively for a castor wheeled power supply.

High Voltage Modules

High frequency, switched-mode modules that are ultra-compact and give high stability with high-performance quality. Genvolt’s high voltage modules are AC or DC input (model specific) and start at 0kV output voltage up to 50kV, with power ranges of 5W to 1000W depending on which model you choose.

Transformer Rectifiers

Traditional, oil-sealed, units with high operating frequency. Typically, 10-50kV with a power rating of 6.4kW or 20kW.

High Voltage Components

Complimenting our high voltage power supplies is the Genvolt range of high voltage components, with a wide variety of high voltage capacitors, disc capacitors, resistors, connectors and high voltage silicone cable.

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