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High Voltage Connectors 30kV

XLCG 30kV High Voltage Connectors are capable of supporting voltages of up to 30kV. The Genvolt XLCG Connector is a robust, economical, moulded design intended for general-purpose applications where cost is a major consideration.

Premium grade high voltage connectors made of PTFE are also available upon order. Both connectors will accept TV-type cable rated up to 50kV. This is red, UL3239-style wire available from Genvolt in 20, 30, 40 and 50kV ratings. Genvolt recommend the 40kV version.

Connectors are normally supplied as cable assemblies with a default cable length of 2 meters or to customer specifications. Unwired connectors and other replacement parts are also available upon request.

TV series HV cable specification

Type Rated Voltage (kV) External Diameter (mm) Wire Gauge Insulator Material
TV-20 20 3.15 7/0.25 PTFE
TV-30 30 3.50 7/0.25 PTFE
TV-40 40 4.15 7/0.25 PTFE
TV-50 50 5.00 7/0.25 PTFE

Additional information


Housing material Flame-retardant PTFE
Contact terminal 4mm diameter gold plated spring contact
High voltage wire TV-40 22AWG 40kV HV cable

Mechanical details

Temperature rating Up to 60°C

Regulatory approvals

Compliant to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and UL 746 Test Standard.

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