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The Genvolt Photomultiplier power supply is one of a large variety of bespoke power supplies that we have designed and manufactured over the years a multitude of requirements from our global client base.

These power supplies were designed specifically for individual customers and whilst they are not available as ‘off the shelf’ products we are able to use these designs and others to create a tailor-made solution to your high voltage requirements.

At 1200V and 3.6W this photo-multiplier power supply has been designed with scientific instrumentation in mind. In order to produce spike free output with low ripple and high stability, linear circuit topology has been employed. Control is via 22 turn potentiometer or 0 to 10V input. A 10 volt stable reference output is available at the connector.


Additional information

Input Voltage


Input Frequency


Output Voltage


Output Power




Output Adjustable Range

0 to 100% Voltage

Voltage Ripple

< 10mV

Connector Information

Pin 1 Monitor point
Pin 2 Power ground
Pin 3 Internal 10V reference output
Pin 4 Remote shutdown
Pin 5 Power input
Pin 6 Variable reference output
Pin 7 Control 0V reference
Pin 8 HV control input
Pin 9 Power ground

Temperature Co-efficient

  • Typically better that 50ppm/˚C
  • The connector is a PCB-mounted ‘D’ type, male
  • Mounting is by means of small flanges at the ends with 4mm clearance holes. The holes are positioned centrally, 158mm apart.
  • The unit is finished in Alochrom 1200 and the heatsink anodised, the cover is galvanised steel.

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Genvolt Engineers have also offered customised technical support to hundreds of customers, who represent countless agencies, research departments and global organisations for multiple products across many applications. The people that work with us know they can trust our vision, products and services as we build strong partnerships.

Our vision is to provide customers, of high voltage technologies, with a high level of support and industry-leading expertise so as to deliver the best solution to their requirements.

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