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Vulcan HV Power Supply

The Vulcan HV Power Supply has been designed principally to address the demanding requirements of electron guns, including electron beam welders. Although this is the mainstay of this range the power supply has the ability to be used as a high voltage capacitor charging power supply with its formidable output voltage of 200kV and an output power rating of 24kW. The Vulcan power supplies provide a rapid response to load changes and are highly tolerant of gun arcs. This makes them suitable for use as X-ray power supplies and for a variety of scientific research applications.

An RS485 serial link enables the user to control the output and to view a diagnostic output, using a terminal or host computer. Alternatively, analogue inputs may be used to control the outputs.

As this power supply can be adapted to deliver outputs from 10kW to 24kW and up to 200kV, the specification below is just an example of the numerous options available.

Additional information

Input Voltage

400VAC three phase

Input Frequency

50Hz, 60Hz

Output Voltage

100kV, 120kV, 150kV, 180kV, 200kV, 60kV

Output Power

10KW, 12KW, 14.4KW, 15KW, 16KW, 18KW, 20KW, 24KW

Output Adjustable Range

0 to 100% Voltage

Load Regulation


Line Regulation



Local and Remote


Local and Remote

The input voltage range can be between 380/220VAC -10% to 415/240VAC +10%, three phase, four-wire plus Earth, 50 or 60Hz. The inputs are power-factor corrected. In cases where no neutral connection is available, this should be specified at time of order. Supplies may also be 210/120VAC three wire but this must also be specified at time of order.

Output voltage The output voltage may be set to any value up to 60kV negative (in this example).
Values below 500V are considered to be outside the normal operational range
and are not subject to specification.
Output stored energy Any level of current may be drawn from the supply up to a maximum of 250mA.
Automatic reduction of output voltage occurs above approximately 275mA.
Ripple 60V pk. to pk. at twice the main oscillator frequency. The oscillator operates at 50 to 60kHz and so the main ripple component of the output will be at 100 to 120kHz. This assumes that the high voltage cable is at least 1000pF. There is also a ripple component at 100Hz (for a 50Hz supply). This is below 60V pk. to pk. but is measured separately from the converter frequency component. Note that converter frequency ripple is mainly related to load current, not voltage, while mains frequency ripple is related to output power.
Regulation Line: Less than 15V for a 25VAC change in supply voltage.
Load: Less than 15V for a 25mA (10%) to 250mA (100%) change in load current
Analogue inputs and outputs.
HV command input 0 to +10V = 0 to 60kV
mA command input 0 to +10V = 0 to 250mA
Bias command input 0 to +10V = 0 to -2000V (Standby Mode)
HV feedback output 0 to +10V = 0 to 60kV
mA feedback output 0 to +10V = 0 to 250mA
Bias feedback output 0 to +10V = 0 to -2000V
Filament feedback output 0 to +10V = 0 to 100A.


Dimensions 56cm x 78cm x 100cm
Mass 250kg

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