8000 Series High Voltage DC Power Supply500V to 70kV

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 The Genvolt 8000 series, High Voltage DC Power Supply, is a rugged modularised range of AC input DC High Voltage units that are designed to operate from a universal mains input from 85VAC to 256VAC 50/60Hz. Power Output options are available from 500V to 70kV at 120W and 49kV to 70kV at 200W. 

HVPS Features

The HVPS have an active boost-style Power Factor Correction front end – i.e. an active rectifier. This offers a very low harmonic distortion at mains frequencies with a power factor of up to 0.99.
The modules have a FIXED polarity output which should be specified at the time ordering using the “Model Finder” table.

Operation And Protection

They operate in both Voltage Control and Current Control modes with fast active crossover between the modes.

Integral protection against output short circuits or arcs over temperature and output overvoltage allow for operation in the most demanding environments.



Input Specification

AC Input voltage range 85VAC to 256VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
Power Factor Full Load 0.99 Non-Load 0.98
Output Polarity +ve or –ve (Please specify when ordering)
Voltage Load Regulation 0.01% of full voltage for a no load to a full load change
Voltage Line Regulation +/- 0.005% of full voltage over the specified input voltage range
Current Load Regulation 0.01% from 0V to full voltage
Current Line Regulation +/- 0.01% of full current over the specified input voltage range per 8 hours after
Voltage Ripple: 0.1% p-p of output voltage for 120W model or 0.2% p-p of output voltagefor 200W model
Current Stability 0.02% per 8hrs after ½hr warm up
Temperature Coefficient 100 ppm per ˚C
Temperature Operating 0˚C to 45˚C
Storage -20˚C to +85˚C
Interlock Open Interlock will shut down unit
Circuit Protection  Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Arcing and Over temperature
Relative Humidity  Non condensing 95%

The control signal is NOT a safety interlock and must NOT be used for a protection system from high voltage generation for safety purposes.

Standard Features, as fitted at the factory

Control Logic level for high voltage enable/disable.
Overvoltage Protection Overvoltage conditions can be caused by excessive input program signal. If an overvoltage condition is detected, the power supply is latched off until input power is reset.
PS Fault Condition A PS fault indicator and a PS fault output on J1, indicate an OVP or a regulation error.
PF and Universal Input The input voltage of the 8000 can operate within the range from 85VAC to 265VAC. The power factor is actively corrected across the entire range and is better than 0.99 at full load.
Internal EMI Filter An internal EMI filter and fuse provide protection against line voltage surges and power supply faults

Remote Operating Features

Remote Programming Allows remote adjustment of the output voltage and current, via an external voltage source.   
Remote Monitor Allows remote monitoring of the output voltage and current.
High Voltage Enable/Disable Allows remote ON/OFF control of the high voltage.
+10VDC Reference A +10VDC is provided for remote programming via a potentiometer or voltage divider.

Mechanical Details

Weight  Model specific, approximately 3Kg for 120W model up to 50kV and 4kg for 60kV, 70kV & 200W model



95.25mm (H) x 127mm (W) x 229mm (D) for 120W model up to 50kV. 95.25mm (H) x 127mm (W) x 279.4mm (D) for 60kV, 70kV & 200W model.

Power Input Connector IEC320 with mating connector x 2 Metres
HV Output Connector Proprietary HV Connector
Control Interface Connector 15 pin ‘D’ connector (Male)

Regulatory Approvals

  • Compliant to 2004/108/EC, the EMC directive
  • 2006/95/EC, the LVD
  • RoHS compliant and CE approved

Model Finder Table


120w Model

Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Product Code
500V 240mA 8000.5
1kV 120mA 8001
2.5kV 48mA 8002.5
5kV 24mA 8005
10kV 12mA 8010
20kV 6mA 8020
30kV 4mA 8030
40kV 3mA 8040
50kV 2.4mA 8050
60kV 2mA 8060
70kV 1.7mA 8070

200W Model

Maximum Voltage Maximum Current Product Code
40kV 5mA 840200
50kV 4mA 850200
60kV 3.3mA 860200
70kV 2.85mA 870200

Typical applications include:

  • Electrospinning & Electrospraying
  • X-ray Generation
  • Insulation Testing
  • Capacitor Charging (contact Genvolt for individual applications)
  • Laboratory Use

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