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The Genvolt range of Industrial X-Ray Cables offer a complete range of High Voltage interconnection solutions for non-destructive testing, computed tomography and metrology in industry and science.



Spring loaded connectors

Spring loaded straight connectors and right-angle spring loaded connectors that provide a highly reliable, precision connection solutions that are capable of thousands of cycles.

The size of the connector, determines which flange is required. As with the above these are available in differing sizes with the size being proportional to the maximum voltage. Lower voltages use smaller connectors and therefore smaller cable, whereas higher voltages require a larger connector and thicker cable. The different size connectors are to fit on the differing cable sizes. 100kV (R10), 160kV (R24), 225kV (R28), up to 350kV (R30).


Cable data





Rated Voltage 100kV    230kV DC 320kV DC
Impedance 53Ω 59Ω 61Ω
Capacitance 131pF/m 115pF/m 102pF/m
Minimum Bend Radius 101mm 152mm 190mm
Minimum Ambient Temperature -51°C -51°C -51°C
Maximum Conductor Temperature 121°C 121°C 121°C
Weight 0.49kg/m    1.07kg/m    1.63/m
Outer Diameter 19.9mm 31.1mm 38.2mm













Connector type



R10 SL * 

R10 RA*  



R24 SL

R24 RA


C2212  100kV     100kV     100kV    100kV    100kV  100kV  - -
C2042     - - - - 160-225kV  160-225kV  160-225kV  160-225kV
C2236      - - 225kV 225kV  225kV  225kV  225kV


R28 SL

R28 SL



R30 SL

R30 RA


C2212 - - - - - - - -
C2042    225kV 225kV 225kV 225kV 230kV - 230kV -
C2236    225kV 225kV 225kV 225kV 300kV 300kV 300kV 300kV

 *SL= Spring loaded  *RA= Right angle

Clamping flanges

Part Number




T20051/A R10 Tube 80mm -
T20052 R10 Generator 85mm -
T20785/A R10 Right Angle Small 25mm M48 x 1.5mm
T20785/B R10 Right Angle Large 25mm M48 x 1.5mm
T20131/A R24 Straight 102mm M45 x 1.5mm
T20697 R24 Straight c/w Cut Outs 102mm M45 x 1.5mm
T20045/F R24 Right Angle 100mm M45 x 1.5mm
T20697/A R24 Right Angle c/w Cut Outs 87mm M45 x 1.5mm
T20844 R24 Small 70mm M45 x 1.5mm
T22179 R24 Sprung 70mm M45 x 1.5mm
T20844 R24 Compression Rings 'U' 70mm M45 x 1.5mm
T22752 R24 Compression Rings 'L' 65mm M45 x 1.5mm
T20289 R28 Straight 118mm M56 x 1.5mm
T20405 R28 Right Angle 105mm M56 x 1.5mm
T22182 R28 Sprung 104mm M56 x 1.5mm
T22717 R28 Compression Rings 73mm M56 x 1.5mm
T20172/A R30 Straight 110mm M62 x 1.5mm
T22185 R30 Sprung 104mm M62 x 1.5mm
 T22341 R30 SL Connector 105mm M62 x 1.5mm
























How to order

  Cable Type Connector Connector Length
Cable Assembly* C2042 R24 SL R28 SL 5m
Flange T20844 & T22717




 *Example R24-R28 spring loaded cable assembly with straight connectors


Pancake Connector

X-ray connector used where sideways voltage is required. This type of connector is available in voltages of 50kV and 75kV.



The recommended maximum AC or DC voltage that may be continuously applied to a wire in conformance with its specification. Some cables have been tested for operation above their rated voltage for a limited time period. For pulsed operation or insulating dielectric environments please contact us.

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