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High Voltage Components

Our high voltage components include high voltage capacitors, high voltage resistors and high voltage connectors, which are designed to withstand the test of time. They have a very robust design and a highly economical viability ratio.

As with all products in the Genvolt range, each high voltage component is built to a very high standard and exacting quality standards.

If you are after cabling, then we also stock and supply a variety of high voltage cable (HV Cable) from 10kV to 50kV.

Typical applications include: • Power Distribution • Particle Physics • Voltage dividers • Test equipment • Medical equipment • Measuring  equipment • Oscillators • Coupling circuits

  • Doorknob Capacitors

  • High Voltage Ceramic Disc Capacitors

  • High Voltage Resistors Up To 1000kV

  • High Voltage Resistors Up To 500kV