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Doorknob Capacitors

The Genvolt DXU range of Doorknob Capacitors (also referred to as a high voltage capacitor) offer output voltages from 10kV up to 50kV to meet the most stringent requirements of high voltage applications.


These high voltage ceramic capacitors are made from a ceramic dielectric and are then encapsulated in epoxy resin. The terminal threads on the capacitors are either M4 or M5, depending on model, with a thread depth of 4mm.

With capacitance values starting at 280pF (A picofarad ‘pF’ is one trillionth of a Farad) and then rising up to 8000pF and DC (Direct Current) voltage ratings from 10kV to 50kV depending on the model chosen.

As a high power capacitor they are designed for applications which require a low dissipation factor and a small voltage coefficient, they have excellent temperature characteristics a low partial discharge and a large capacitance.

The operating temperature range of the capacitors is between -20 to +85°C with a temperature coefficient of -4700 ±1000 ppm/°C.

The insulation resistance should be measured with DC 1000V within 60 ±5 seconds of charging.

Some common applications are:
Gas laser
DC HV power supplies
Lightning arresters
Voltage distribution systems
Electron Microscopes
Electrostatic Coating Machines


Additional information

Doorknob Capacitor Features;

  • Small size
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Epoxy resin encapsulated
  • Low DC, AC – voltage coefficient
  • Excellent voltage characteristics
  • Linear temperature characteristic
  • Excellent behaviour on pulse and fast discharge

Doorknob Capacitor Applications

  • Gas laser
  • Power generators
  • High voltage dividers
  • High voltage coupling devices
  • Electrostatic coating machines
  • Electron microscopes, synchroscopes
  • Direct current high voltage power supplies
  • Lightning arresters, voltage distribution systems
  • Power line coupling system for internet and telecom

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