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Electrostatic Precipitators

The advantages of electrostatic precipitators are their efficiency at removing particles from their environment, however the efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator (ESP) can be subject to factors like the corona power ratio. The Genvolt range of ESP power supply units are capable of providing adjustable pulse width to effectively inhibit anti-corona. The high voltage power supplies operate on a higher power efficiency with guaranteed filtration performance and offer high efficiency and reliability for air cleaning.

What Are Some Typical Applications?
Some of the more popular areas that would require electrostatic precipitators are;

Commercial Kitchen Exhaust • Commercial Kitchen Extraction • Air Filtration Systems • Fume Extraction • Industrial Air Cleaning • Industrial Air Filtration • Hospital Air Filtration • Particulate Removal • Electrostatic Applications • Thermal Power Plants • Cement Industry • Pollution Control

How Effective Are They?
Compared to something like an ionizer whereby they both remove particulates from the air, the difference would be in that the electrostatic precipitator will collect the particles via the generated electrostatic field.

How Comprehensive Is The Range?
Whether you have a requirement for a small 20W high voltage module or you have the need for an electrostatic precipitator power supply that can handle micron-sized particles or if you require a product that is high powered with high frequency then Genvolt have multiple solutions that will meet a considerable range of demanding applications.


Cooling Method

Input Frequency

Input Voltage

Line Regulation

Load Regulation


Operating Humidity

Operating Temperature

Output Adjustable Range

Output Power

Output Voltage



Voltage Ripple

  • AF01 High Voltage Module

  • AF02C High Voltage Module

  • AF04 High Voltage Module

  • AF04H High Voltage Module

  • AF05 Adjustable Power Supply

  • AF06 ESP Power Supply

  • AF06 PWM Range

  • ESP 03 High Frequency Power Supply

  • ESP01 Series

  • Mercury HV Power Supply